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It all began when the Todd and Christi bought their 80 acres.  God put it on their hearts to teach their four children about resourcefulness, hard work, integrity, gratefullness, generousity and contentment.  In 2011, after 2 years of back yard sugaring, they discovered their "sweet spot."  They decided to produce Pure Michigan Maple Syrup as a family business.

In 2015, they turned some of their maple syrup into wine, becoming America's First and ONLY Maple Winery. While many wineries combine various ingredients to create something new, it’s much rarer to take it a step further with maple syrup.  In Feb, 2015, five wines were readied. Customers rave that the wines have a maple tone with a cream finish, varying from semi dry to sweet.  Four  more wines were  readied by June, 2015. Please see the wine page for more details.

You may also enjoy their other wide selection of products such as homemade jams and salsas, You can tap into their online product catalog and order today or call them at (231)487-9058.  If you have any special requests or need help choosing a gift, please e-mail them at mmsyrup.mi@gmail.com  They have gift boxes available and ship anywhere in the USA.

Recent Review:  9/30/16  We visited your wonderful place on Friday 9/30 and are still talking about it. I wish I had bought more!    Sandra




“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”   John 15:5 (NIV)

"It is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose."  Phillipians 2:13



Hotcakes for Haiti fundraiser

November 12. 2016

9AM - 7 PM

Dear friends of Maple Moon Sugarbush and Winery:

God is prompting us to support RMI, Reciprocal Ministries International, in Haiti at a time of great need.  

Our family belongs to Walloon Lake Community Church, in Walloon Lake, MI. We have a sister church in Desriveaux, Haiti.  Many members of our church have visited since we began the partnership 4 years ago and all those who have visited say that the joy these people have for Christ is overwhelming, even though they have so little. God is alive and active in their lives. Two of those that have gone are Todd and Luke, owner of Maple Moon and eldest son, in 2014.  Christi and Haley, co-owner and daughter, are on a team that is going this February The mission to encourage one another in Christ.

Little did they know that Haiti would bear the brunt force of Hurricane Matthew.  Reports show that the damage is extreme.  Thankfully, the members of RMI are all alive and well.  However, we have no way, as of now, to know how many, if any, members of our sister church are in destress.  We do know through RMI that much of their livestock has been lost, access to clean water has been dramatically reduced, many structures are in need of repair: roofs are missing, walls have crumbled, gates have been destroyed, electric lines are down, there has been close to 100% crop loss, the list goes on.

For those of you who have not ever visited Haiti or other 3rd world countries, even when they haven’t been ravaged by storms, life is difficult.  A man sometimes works for 20 or more years before he can finally earn enough money for a simple 10 x 20 foot home, cement wall, metal roof simple structure, for his family. So you can imagine how devastating this storm is for these people

Because we work closely with RMI ministries, we would like to send them relief money as soon as possible so they may be a blessing to those in need. For that, we would love your help!  We will be serving “Hotcakes for Haiti” Saturday, November 12.  For any donation amount, you can get a plate of hotcakes with our pure Michigan maple syrup.

If you are unable to attend but you would like to make a donation, you may write a check out to RMI and send it to:

                                        5475 Lee Street, Suite 301
                                        Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

You can also call RMI at +1 (877) 764 - 5439 or donate online at http://www.rmibridge.org/  


This web site is a bit tricky to navigate. So here is what I know…

There is a DONATE HERE TO HELP WITH DISASTER RELIEF spot on the front page.  That will give you several options, but they are for Haiti in-general.
We would love to have you donate to Desriveaux specifically if you are willing by,  using the grey DONATE NOW! button, right-side, three inches down.
    Most of the fields under HURRICANE RELIEF or PROGRAMS have a place for the church name.  You can put Desriveaux or Walloon.  RMI knows which sister churches go together.

Just to clarify… your donations go directly to relief efforts in Haiti. Christi and Haley will raise their own funds to go on this trip.

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you !

May God bless you for this selfless act of generosity!

Todd and Christi Petersen


An update as of 10/12/16:

Please read:

*Oct. 5, 2016 5:00 p.m.*
The report is not good. Camp Mahanaim has been badly damaged. High winds and water washed away everything that was exposed. All doors to buildings on the camp were ripped off and water flooded every room in every building, even rooms on the second floor. All of the solar panels were washed away and destroyed. All personal belongings have been destroyed. Flood waters in the area are still too high for any kind of motor traffic.

Rod, Debbie, and Katie are still unable to leave the mission compound in Cite Lumiere. Rod worked all day yesterday removing over 200 trees that are down and blocking the way to move more than 200 feet from where they staying. He said the main concern now is for the people of Les Cayes who have had everything they owned destroyed. Their houses have been washed away, there is no food or water available.

*Oct. 7, 2016 12:00 p.m.​*
We got the limb off Greg's house and pulled down the broken section of tin roof by the office. We began cleaning out water from the RMI office. Put solar panels back on Yordy's home and guesthouse. Jerry-rigged a pole to use as makeshift antennae and reprogrammed the satellite dish for internet. Worked on the getting the water lines fixed. Scott dig a hole for the powerline pole, went to lunch, and the Haitians filled it all back in :).

Courtney is back in the Thompson's house. Met with Benson and Benjamin to formulate a game plan on how to proceed with helping. We got the trees removed from our water lines feeding our house and the trees cut off the power line. Daniel said our inverted literally melted....The fan cover, the side, and some other parts. But, he thinks the batteries are still ok! PTL.

Joel finished cutting all his trees and piling them up, got the tree off Tijean's roof and helped many others till he finally said no. Laura started putting their house back in order. The gate to the depot was to be fixed...but I did not actually see it on yet.

*Oct. 10, 2016 2:00 p.m.*
A lot was accomplished over the weekend and our team worked tirelessly. The water systems on the mission center have been restored. One missionary stated this morning, "...it is starting to feel more like home even without power. Just having water has really improved our living situation so much!"

Many more trees, debris and electric lines have been cleared making the roads passable in the Cayes area and the road from Port-au-Prince to Cayes is open. The rivers are going down, so vehicles are able to get through them where the bridges are down.

We hear that the road west from Cayes to the town of Les Anglais has been opened up. This is fantastic news and means we should be able to get reliable reports and pictures on the churches along that road.

What we hear from areas like Port Salut, and Les Anglais are indeed dire. Lives, crops, homes and livestock has been lost. Hunger is a dire need and people are desperate for any help. We sent out a truck this morning with 172,000 meals to distribute meals in the west, but it had to turn back due to insecurity along the road. Our staff are looking at options and ways to safely deliver food to our churches and areas that are in the most need. Since we are one of the only organizations who already have food on the ground and in place, a number of NGO's have contacted us to partner together to distribute food in the south.

Our Partnership Facilitators are hitting the road to visit each of their assigned churches to check on the church buildings, the schools, parsonages and communities. Once they make those reports, we'll post them - so keep an eye on this website and Facebook as well.

At this point we are not collecting relief supplies here in the states. That may come at a later date and may involve construction supplies more than clothing and toys. Our priority right now is to help with the overwhelming food need. Hunger is what they are facing now, even as they begin cleanup and work to rebuild their lives. This is where we can help. And it is where YOU can help.

By faith we've ordered 5 additional containers of food. This morning already we've heard of one of them being paid for completely by one church in Ohio! One small church in Nebraska raised $13,000 all by itself! And one Sunday School class at a local church raised $1,200 in a special offering. God is touching people's hearts and starting to bring in some funds. We are so grateful for this incredible response.




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