March 5, 2017 @ 7:35 PM

1st Annual

Tree Tapping Ceremony

Saturday, March 4th

Tap For Sap!

Times available:   8:30 or 10 AM


March means it’s time to “tap” into spring! Tree-tapping marks the official start of maple syrup season. Visiting a sugar shack is pretty much a right of passage into Spring. For  $5.00 per person, get hands-on experience as you learn how to draw your own taps collect the sap and discover how the process of making real maple syrup begins.   Learn about the history of “sugaring-off” and settle in for some hot pancakes slathered with real maple syrup. 

  Space in this program is limited so preregistration is required by Friday march 3rd.  Call (231)-487-9058 to register.  Individuals who have not be registered may be admitted on the day of event only if space is available.


A portion of this program will be outside so wear sturdy shoes and warm clothes.  Weather permitting

Maple Moon is located at 4454 Atkins Rd Petoskey MI 49770

The blessing of the forest that if will be held at 12:00 PM